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When does a painter use a trigger instead of a brush?

New to comics? Returning after your mom threw away your comic books when you were a kid? Got past amnesia, woke up with cosmic powers and need a refresher? Curious to see if we did something new you did not think of? Case of the Gamma rays and need a cure? Well, you’re in luck! You will find some of those answers here!

Complete Submission


Please double check all your information after completing the form. Mistakes can cause longer wait times of being checked in. Also, please double check quantity number, title of the comic, issue numbers etc..

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👣 Fill Out Form ➡️ Click Here

Fill out the form with your address, how many comics you are sending in, and sign your name with digital ink!

👣 Print Your Email 🖨️

After submitting the completed form to josh@averycomicpressing.com, remember to go into your email and print your submission form.

👣 Pack Comics with Form 📦

Pack books with your completed form, bubble wrap, and use proper packing materials to keep the books safe. Please, I encourage you to use blue painter's tape on books. Do not use masking tape or packing tape directly on the books because this can cause irreversible damage to the books.

👣 Order Arrival 🚚

Once your order arrives, it will be checked in, paperwork completed, and an email will be sent to let you know they have arrived. Be aware that this may occur within 7–14 days of me picking up your order from the post office. After you receive your email that your order has arrived , you will also notice a CGC/CBCS invoice number on the grading fee line on your PayPal invoice. This is the number you will need when contacting the grading company to check on your books. If you are using your own CGC/CBCS account, please include your CGC/CBCS form with my submission form when mailing your order to me. Please still mark on my submission form which grading company you are using for each book so all the paperwork matches up.

👣 Order Complete ✅

Once your order is completed, you will receive another email with a tracking number to the destination of where your order is being sent to (CGC, CBCS, or directly back to you).

👣 Grading (Optional) 🔎

The grading company will ship directly back to you.

3rd Party Grading

More resources coming soon.